There are approximately 280,000 manufacturing plants in America alone. That’s not including all of the power stations, wastewater treatment facilities, ships at sea, and other industrial facilities. All of these settings suffer from a common complication: maintenance and operational issues that ultimately result in poor safety and environmental records, and poor financial performance.

The typical solution for some of these organizations is to employ professionals to improve their situation. Unfortunately, many of those improvement initiatives, while minorly helpful, do not achieve the desired results. Many of them risk closure for being dangerous, costly, and/or uncompetitive. If a shutdown occurs, it can detrimentally affect the employees, their families, and the local community. There are many organizations in America, and around the world that face the same daily dilemma and uncertainty of security. 

Mobius Institute designed MOBIUS CONNECT®, CBM CONNECT® and RELIABILITY CONNECT® to bring the necessary industry education, answers, resources, and conference information and allow professionals to benefit from this knowledge for FREE!

But what are the benefits of each program?


MOBIUS CONNECT is a social media and education platform designed specifically for industrial professionals, practitioners, and managers. Mobius Institute understands that these challenging career fields require constant and continued learning. Within the mobile app, you’ll find reliability and CBM videos, webinars, articles, tips, and a live feed and forum. Users can connect with people in their industry and specific field from all over the world.

With the MOBIUS CONNECT app, users can solve problems, continue learning, and share their experiences with various departments and equipment. 

Some of the major features of MOBIUS CONNECT include:

  • Connecting with industry professionals and your peers wherever you are in the world.
  • Creating your profile and  setting your specific areas of interest
  • Opt-in options to receive customized alerts specific to your chosen interests.
  • Utilizing the interactive map to find new connections based on location, industry, or area of interest.
  • Engaging and sharing your questions, thoughts, experiences, failures, victories on the live feed and forums.
  • Reviewing and contributing to forum discussions with your fellow practitioners and industry experts or starting your discussion.
  • Continuing your educational journey with the MOBIUS CONNECT knowledgebase

When you become a member of MOBIUS CONNECT, you’re bringing your valuable knowledge, skills, and insight to a large community of practitioners in your field, while gaining more information and education for your practice.


Before MOBIUS CONNECT, there was CBM CONNECT. CBM CONNECT  is a concentrated community for condition monitoring and reliability improvement practitioners. While the CBM platform is not a mobile app, you can access it through the MOBIUS CONNECT app, the MOBIUS CONNECT website, or directly through the CBM CONNECT website. Rather than searching the internet endlessly or getting lost in a forum with content that you may not have an interest in, our CBM platform provides you with new, engaging, and educational content in a platform where you can customize the content that you see based on your interests.

Within CBM CONNECT you’ll find related articles, videos, tips, webinars, and interviews to help you along in your educational journey. Our CBM platform features high-quality content in each of the condition monitoring technologies that you ever wanted and needed to know about. Some of our more popular highlights include:

  • alignment and balancing
  • condition monitoring management
  • lubrication and oil analysis
  • motor testing
  • infrared and ultrasound
  • Vibration and more. 

New and relevant content is uploaded to the CBM CONNECT website daily. You can access this information via multimedia formats, and you can absorb it quickly whether you have two minutes, ten minutes or an hour. 

CBM CONNECT also has some great features for helping you make the most out of your experience such as the YOU MAY ALSO LIKE feature. 

This feature allows you to quickly and easily find relevant content in your interests. Within the CBM platform, each piece of uploaded content is tagged with relevant keywords to make it easy to understand what the general topic is about. If you like the article or video you just found, you can scroll towards the bottom of the page and find the “You May Also Like” section with more content with the same tags and keywords. This is a quick and simple way to see the content by an author you want to follow or about a similar topic that you enjoy.

CBM CONNECT is a growing network. With over 500 trained and experienced contributors sharing their knowledge, you can certainly find the answer to your CBM questions or concerns. To ensure the quality of content and that only correct information is being shared,  we have a global Editorial Board that reviews and creates content. Plus, we have fantastic solution providers that contribute content explaining some of the latest technologies, systems and provide in-depth case studies.

We know that you too have unique experiences and stories to share that can benefit the technical and industrial plant communities. You can share via the MOBIUS CONNECT app with our discussion forums, and post comments or questions on another member’s original post. 

In the CBM industry, it’s crucial to share your thoughts and experiences and engage with members of your field and career community. Now, with CBM CONNECT via MOBIUS CONNECT, it’s easier than ever.


RELIABILITY CONNECT is a global community for maintenance and reliability improvement practitioners. Similarly to CBM CONNECT, RELIABILITY CONNECT features content in focused categories which include:

  • asset strategy development
  • condition monitoring
  • continuous improvement
  • data analytics
  • defect elimination
  • implementation strategy development
  • material management
  • people management
  • precision skills. 

RELIABILITY CONNECT uploads new, important information and content daily in the form of news and informative articles, videos, tips and tricks, webinars, and professional interviews to help you along in your reliability journey.

When you download the MOBIUS CONNECT app, you have access to the RELIABILITY CONNECT content too. You can also network and connect with other reliability professionals in your community, both local and abroad. If you’re looking for more ways to connect with your local community, the MOBIUS CONNECT app also has the COMMUNITY CONNECT feature that helps you find professionals in your field and your area.


Whether you know it or not, you’re a member of a highly-specialized and technical community of professionals. You likely have not had the opportunity to connect with many members of your community before. With COMMUNITY CONNECT, you can help people solve problems, continue learning and share knowledge advice - all within your local community. 

COMMUNITY CONNECT is much like a local chapter. COMMUNITY CONNECT “chapters” are backed by Mobius Institute to ensure its success and longevity. Mobius Institute provides each chapter with the necessary funding, technical infrastructure, and various support services to ensure there are ease, comfort, and encouragement for the local community chapters to grow and flourish. Each chapter requires a community leader and members to help organize meetings,  connect with regularly,  and share their experience and knowledge. Everything else is handled by the support services of Mobius Institute. 

COMMUNITY CONNECT is the local version of MOBIUS CONNECT, which helps people all over the world. If there was a local community, led by local people with passion and experience to share, they would benefit far more, and that is the drive behind COMMUNITY CONNECT.


  • Learn,  network, socialize within your local community
  • Discuss and solve members' problems
  • Host a plant-tour to discover how one community member has solved a problem on their site
  • Host mini-expos or conferences to bring a larger group of people together
  • Do whatever it takes to make the community strong while making the business safe, competitive, and viable

As the Communities are still being formed, you can request to be a Community Leader, request to add a Community Location or recommend a Community Leader after creating a profile or logging into MOBIUS CONNECT.

Expand Your Knowledge About CBM, Reliability, and the Industrial Community with MOBIUS CONNECT.

MOBIUS CONNECT is calling all leaders and students of the technical and industrial plant field. 

We know you have valuable knowledge and experience that would be beneficial to others in your discipline. MOBIUS CONNECT is designed to help you get your knowledge to thousands of practitioners across the globe.

MOBIUS CONNECT provides industry professionals, practitioners, and managers with the necessary support and educational tools to be successful. We understand that this career is challenging and every member and domain has certain strengths and weaknesses. That’s why the need for professionals like you, who are willing to help your community, is at an all-time high. 

When you sign up for MOBIUS CONNECT, you get access to CBM CONNECT, RELIABILITY CONNECT, and COMMUNITY CONNECT, along with all of the high-value information and content from each website in a convenient and easy-to-use mobile app. The best part is - It’s all FREE! You can share your knowledge and gain 100 times more at no cost to you!

Expand your knowledge and share your own experiences with the global community by signing up for the MOBIUS CONNECT app. It’s free, fast, and easy-to-use. Download the mobile app on your Android or Apple device, or visit our website at

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