How to Get The Most Out of MOBIUS CONNECT'S Community Connect

If you work in the technology or industrial plant fields, you are likely in a constant learning cycle. Learning from manufacturer websites, looking for new solutions on online forums, consulting with your coworkers and managers - this field calls for networking and connection to be efficient and successful. Mobius Institute, a leader in monitoring, maintenance, and reliability certification and training, understands this crucial need for the community in this career, which is why they implemented and continue to support Community Connect, a localized network for technology and industrial plant professionals.


Whether you’ve just begun your career or you’re celebrating 20 years in the business, you know that this career field is both challenging and rewarding. You work with a highly-specialized and technical community of professionals and machinery. While your training and prior experience can lend much assistance for common issues and items that need attention. However, some problems may be new to you and your team, meanwhile, other practitioners and professionals outside of your circle have experience with them. Their knowledge could be key to fixing the issue and saving precious time, money, and energy for other important matters.

How do you acquire knowledge outside of your current accessibilities? Most of the time you are likely relying on hours of research through online articles, webinars, and forums. Searching for a solution to your problem online is like finding a missing puzzle piece. You may find one that seems as if it’s a perfect fit - but when you apply it to your work, it’s not quite right. This can often be somewhat helpful yet still frustrating. 

At Mobius Institute, we heard these complaints across the board - from new trainees and new employees to well-established veterans and managers. We saw there was a serious lack of opportunity for technology and industry professionals to connect with many members of their community before. So, we decided to create a variety of capabilities to help connect professionals both locally and internationally - one of these includes COMMUNITY CONNECT. 

COMMUNITY CONNECT is a group structure much like a local chapter. It provides people the ability to meet and link with other industry professionals in your neighborhood. With COMMUNITY CONNECT, you can continue your learning about industry-related topics, help other members of your community solve problems, and share your hard-earned knowledge and advice - all within your local faction.

When you join a COMMUNITY CONNECT “chapter,” you’re not just being added to a list of names. You’re joining an association backed by Mobius Institute. Whenever a Community Connect chapter opens, Mobius Institute provides each chapter with the necessary funding, technical infrastructure, and a variety of support services to ensure the community feels comfortable and encouraged in this community, which will allow it to easily grow and flourish.  

Mobius Institute’s input is to ensure the success and longevity of a chapter because we understand the value it brings to members new and senior. It’s up to the members of that community to make the most of their access and connections - but Mobius Institute can help the technicalities along the way. 

The Benefits of Joining COMMUNITY CONNECT 

When you join a local COMMUNITY CONNECT chapter, you’re gaining access to a variety of experiences and knowledge from your field. With this accessibility you can: 

  • Learn, network, socialize within your local community
  • Discuss and solve problems ( whether they’re your own or another member’s)
  • Host a plant-tour to discover how one community operates, and compare it to your own
  • Host mini-expos or conferences to bring a larger group of people together

All of this provides you with the ability to keep your community strong while making the business safe, competitive, and operationally sound. 

The benefits of joining a COMMUNITY CONNECT group don’t stop at networking and gaining knowledge, it also comes with more opportunities that you don’t get with any other forum or platform. Since COMMUNITY CONNECT is associated with Mobius Institute and MOBIUS CONNECT, members also receive additional benefits including: 

  • Complimentary access to CONNECT webinar & learning path library
  • Access to the global membership directory, jobs & careers
  • Coaching by community leader
  • Peer to peer local discussion forums
  • Participate in the regional community live & virtual events
  • Access to community live feed
  • Access to community media resources
  • Participate in local community goodwill

If you’re not sure you want to join a community right away, you can start with the MOBIUS CONNECT app, which helps to connect industry leaders and practitioners all over the world. 

Expand Your Community and Network with MOBIUS CONNECT

Built by Mobius Institute, MOBIUS CONNECT is a social media platform designed specifically for the ease of connection, education, and inspiration of industry professionals, practitioners, and managers. At Mobius Institute, we saw that these career fields were challenging minds. While practitioners were open to the constant and continued learning, many times they had to find answers by weeding them out of other social platforms that were not catered to their field. 

With MOBIUS CONNECT, users can solve problems, continue learning, and share their experiences with various departments and equipment - all from a convenient and easy-to-use app.  Within the mobile app, you’ll find reliability and CBM videos, webinars, articles, tips, and a live feed and forum. Users can connect with people in their industry and specific field from all over the world.

Similar to COMMUNITY CONNECT, users can learn and ask questions, as well as teach and give advice. The difference with the MOBIUS CONNECT app is you don’t need to join a chapter, you just need to make an account. Another huge difference is you get access to members all over the globe. Other major features of MOBIUS CONNECT include:

  • Connecting with industry professionals and your peers wherever you are in the world.
  • Creating your profile and  setting your specific areas of interest
  • Opt-in options to receive customized alerts specific to your chosen interests
  • Utilizing the interactive map to find new connections based on location, industry, or area of interest
  • Engaging and sharing your questions, thoughts, experiences, failures, victories on the live feed and forums
  • Reviewing and contributing to forum discussions with your fellow practitioners and industry experts or starting your discussion
  • Continuing your educational journey with the MOBIUS CONNECT knowledgebase

When you become a member of MOBIUS CONNECT and COMMUNITY CONNECT you’re bringing your valuable knowledge, skills, and insight to a large community of practitioners in your field while gaining more information and education for your practice both inside and outside of your neighborhood. 

How to Find a Community Near You

To access your local COMMUNITY CONNECT chapter, you must first create a MOBIUS CONNECT profile. Once you have created your profile and input your general location information, you can visit the Community Connect page to see if there’s a community in your area and view all of the current communities available. You can also see Community leader information and gain information about joining a community near you. 

But what if there are no COMMUNITY CONNECT chapters in your area? You still have access to international knowledge via your MOBIUS CONNECT app, but if you feel the calling you can jumpstart a new chapter near you!

How to Start a COMMUNITY CONNECT Chapter in Your Area

As we mentioned, Mobius Institute provides the support services and technical infrastructure for each chapter, however, they still need a member to act as the community leader as well as additional members to help organize meetings,  connect with regularly,  and share their experience and knowledge. 

Many Communities are still being formed today. If there are no chapters in your area you can request to be a Community Leader, request to add a Community Location, or recommend a Community Leader after creating a profile or logging into MOBIUS CONNECT. We’re eager to help each chapter succeed and thrive, that’s why we take care of all the business and leave the connection and education to you. 

If you would like to be a part of a community, but you are not in a position to lead the community, contact us and we can put you on a "waiting list" until we find a person who can lead your community. You may also recommend someone in your community who you believe has the right personality and experience. There are no requirements to being a community leader, except to be a moderator for the other members and help make connections. 

Expand Your Knowledge and Connections in the Industrial Community with MOBIUS CONNECT and Community Connect

Having highly-focused communities like the ones provided by MOBIUS CONNECT and COMMUNITY CONNECT can make a significant difference in the support, growth, and revolution of any industry. We believe that when you give a man the tools and knowledge to do great things, he will do great things. Sign up and log in to your MOBIUS CONNECT profile to get new information daily and sign up for a COMMUNITY CONNECT chapter near you.

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